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You Will Receive Various Vegan Recipes

Welcome to Vegan Based Cookbook, the ultimate guide to easy and delicious vegan recipes. If you’re new to veganism or struggling to find tasty and satisfying recipes, our cookbook is perfect for you.

Our cookbook is more than just a collection of recipes – it’s a guide to a healthier, ethical, and more sustainable lifestyle. By adopting a vegan diet, you’ll improve your health, reduce your carbon footprint, and help animals.

Our cookbook is packed with easy-to-make recipes that are perfect for busy people. Say goodbye to bland and boring meals – our recipes are tasty and satisfying. Don’t believe us? Check out what our satisfied customers and influencers in the vegan community have to say.



A vegan diet significantly lowers your risk of cardiovascular disease by 20%. Obesity, cancer, and heart disease are all less common in vegans. Products made from plants don't have cholesterol. A vegan has an average cholesterol level of 161, compared to 210 for non-vegans.


By consuming fewer animal products, one is also consuming fewer saturated fats, which are renowned for blocking pores. Along with that, a lot of the vitamins, pigments, and phytochemicals found in fruits and vegetables support good skin.


Saturated fats, which are renowned for blocking pores, must also be reduced along with the consumption of animal products. Additionally, a lot of the vitamins, pigments, and phytochemicals found in fruits and vegetables support good skin.

300+ Vegan Based Recipe Cook Book Includes

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150 Vegan Recipes Filled with colourful fresh fruit, nutrient-rich toppings, and full of natural goodness as beautiful as they are delicious!

In this ebook of Vegan Cookbook, you’ll find colourful and easy to cook vegan recipes to support your healthy and happy plant-based lifestyle. With so many flavour combinations, there’s something for everyone! Have fun mixing it up!

Total Page Number: 166

VALUE: $45.79


100 Vegan Sandwich Recipes Including Breakfast Sandwiches, Topless Sandwiches, Chilled Sandwiches, Deli Delights, Specialty Sandwiches, Sweet Dessert Sandwiches and more.

In this ebook of Vegan Sandwich Cookbook, you’ll find colourful and easy to cook vegan sandwich recipes with colourful images.  

Total Page Number: 120

VALUE: $34.99


50 Vegan Salad Recipes Including Legume
Salads, Grain Based Salads, Vegetable Based Salads, Green Salads, Pasta Salads and more.

In this ebook of Vegan Salad recipes Cookbook, you’ll find colourful and easy to cook vegan High Protein Salad Recipes with colourful images.  

Total Page Number: 61

VALUE: $29.99


Arrive at your ideal wellbeing, weight and energy by eating the food sources you appreciate. I have made a printable rundown of plant-based food sources that you can download and use to assist you with fluctuating your food choices while making an outing to the supermarket. The staple rundown gives lots of food things that you can add to your staple rundown.  

Total Page Number: 1

VALUE: $19.99

TOTAL VALUE: $129.77



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Some Of Our recipes from cookbook

The following are a small taster of the 300 incredible vegan recipes you’ll find in book.

Why are we giving this book away?

The mission of Vegan Based Cook Book is to increase the public awareness about  the 3 main aspects of Veganism.


It is currently settled past any questions that a vegetarian diet is the way to forestall, fix or oversee numerous sicknesses. Vegetarian diet is demonstrated to help in type 2 diabetes, hypertension, stoutness, malignant growth, sensitivities, lactose and gluten intolerence and numerous different afflictions.

Animal Welfare

Veggie lover diet advances creature government assistance by not supporting creature agribusiness and accordingly not partaking in the outrageous mercilessness and creature misuse intrinsic in the meat, egg and dairy enterprises.

Environmental Conservation

Creature farming is to a great extent liable for obliteration of thousands of types of widely varied vegetation, contaminate waterways and essentially add to green house gases.

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